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Wake up in New York, go to bed in Paris. It’s face-timing friends from an authentic Jamaican bashment in East London, and live-tweeting a South African designer runway show in Brasil. A calendar full of global, vibrant, connected and current culture. This is what we call living.

This is how we do.
This is Parlour and we #TravelFly.

For over five years, PARLOUR has been a top online destination for Black Women in search of the ever better. And through the lens of global travel and style—we have been there to give it her. From planning her next trip, to creating the hottest itinerary and arriving in style, the editors and contributors of PARLOUR work in earnest to make sure that we are providing the very best in a manner that no one else is. And when it comes to our travel experiences, we pour countless hours into making sure that no detail is overlooked, and that we exceed all expectations. We know she lives between many worlds, and no matter where she is—we’re right there with her.

Join us as we continue to bring the best of the world all to her in one place. With PARLOUR.


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